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Need to shorten a pair of pants, mend an old favorite coat, or fix your wardrobe after losing weight?


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About Ogden’s Dry Cleaners

Ogden’s Dry Cleaners is the leading Eco-friendly dry cleaning company in Pacific Palisades. Having been in business since 1975, we know the ins and outs of dry cleaning and can provide you with a fast and irreproachable service that will not disappoint you.

Discover Our Services

We do all our dry cleaning and laundry services on-premise and offer free pickup and delivery, with a same day service Monday to Saturday. Alongside our Eco-friendly dry cleaning, our experienced and dedicated team of cleaners provide effective laundry services as well as express tailoring and alteration services for modifying your garments.

Green Dry Cleaning

Our on-premise green dry cleaning services in Pacific Palisades use the latest dry cleaning substances and processes to dry clean suits, coats, hats, and a wide range of other garments without the negative impact of traditional dry cleaning substances which pollute the environment and are hard to dispose of. Going a step further, we recycle plastic garment bags and hangers to minimize waste and keep the planet clean.

We Care About Your Clothes

At Ogden’s Dry Cleaners, we understand that sending your clothes to dry cleaning or laundry service can be a time-consuming process, which is why we offer quick and free pickup and delivery service in Pacific Palisades. We take care of your dry cleaning and laundry needs efficiently, so that you can spend more time with your family or doing the things you enjoy. We treat your garments with the utmost care, from the moment we pick them up, through the eco-friendly dry cleaning or laundry service we put them through, and until we deliver them back, immaculate, rejuvenated, and smelling fresh.

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To show our appreciation for returning customers, we offer a wide selection of coupons. Choose the right coupon for you to get the best deals on our services.

Ready For Cleaning?

Whether you have a small order or a large one, whether you need same day service or delivery on a specific day, we at Ogden’s Cleaners would be delighted to provide you with quick, efficient, and affordable on-premise dry cleaning, laundry, and express tailoring and alterations in Pacific Palisades. Our services will exceed your expectations.

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